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October 28, 2013
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Murasaki - Through the Ages OC pen drawing by HoshisamaValmor Murasaki - Through the Ages OC pen drawing by HoshisamaValmor

I have a considerable amount of 'debts' to settle and I just forced myself to start at last.

Starting with Frostedheavens. Considering my cover design to her Shaman King fanfic took me 5 months back in 2011, and that I had been planning it since 2009, it's been way too many years since I want to draw something for the story and keep delaying or failing.

The scan turned out kind of wierd. I made a lot of historical mistakes in my cover design, and though I know I kept some, I decided to correct one I saw rather early: due to a translation mistake, I ended up drawing Murasaki's hair in braids. Knowing that Heian women weren't likely to do their hairs that way, I've now corrected it. I have other mistakes to compensate the correction, no worries.

This drawing was started in April but 90% finished in 3-4 hours. I'd like to make more, but I don't think I can. Manga/anime never came that naturally to me, but now it does even less. This sketch pratically drew itself alone and that's why I kept it close and forced myself to make the effort and finish it.

Kanji typewriting is inspired by the type-font KouzanMouhitu.

Ballpoint pen, sketching done with mechanical pencil.

Fanfic cover…

Fujiwara no Murasaki belongs to Frostedheavens, and her Shaman King fanfiction can be read here… Drawing belongs to me ~HoshisamaValmor
Shaman King belongs to Hiroyuki Takei

animelover5ful Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013
this is just amazing :D I really like this one :thumbsup:
HoshisamaValmor Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013
thanks a lot
animelover5ful Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013
You're welcome :D
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