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November 12, 2011
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Lulu Final Fantasy X pen drawing by HoshisamaValmor Lulu Final Fantasy X pen drawing by HoshisamaValmor
Work In Progress :thumb268589242:
Before and after meme :thumb266452996:

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Unlike most of my drawings, that are artistically feed by negative emotions, this one was made on the absolutely opposite: I decided I had to make a nice gift to my mother, and Lulu, being one of the characters she has liked the most throughout the years, would be perfect. Also, it just had to be the biggest pen drawing challenge one can find, because of the insane amount of details, and I wanted to make it really big. So it felt perfect.

This was done in two separate sheets. At first, I only planned to do the upper part, imagining the whole body to be way too much for me. However, when I finished the first part, I was so happy with the result - and I'm speaking of my FMAB Homunculi drawing happiness - thanks to my mother's approaval, that I decided I just had to overcome myself and draw the belts too. As it was a separate sheet, I was more reasured I wouldn't ruin the work I had finished with Lulu's upper body. Which makes this the biggest drawing I've ever done. It's quite huge on size.

The whole point of this drawing was to surpass myself in pen drawing. I don't sketch anything with a pencil. If there's a mistake, it's irreversable. That's my point. You have to get it right. So the shading needs to be thought through, the most sensitive being the skin and the fur shading. You can see on the bottom of her dress a particular part I missed and that I over-blacked by mistake, as well as her flowered pattern on her waist, for example.

Obviously, this insane amount of details was insane to make at first and single attempt. I ruined the prespective of her corset and flower pattern, but I don't really mind. And damn those belts. Nomura is really an insane genius (just who adds so many microscopical details?). I ruined some of them, because everytime I thought I had all the belts, I would look more attentively only to find another widden belt bellow. It was challeging to say the least.

One of the parts I'm most happy about is the hair. I'm quite happy how I managed to make the light hit it. Another one I'm happy, as it was the biggest challenge together with the belts, was the fur: I had never drawn fur in my life, let alone with a pen. I would think two or three times before I added another layer of paint.

My mother liked it, and as such, it is already a win on that. With the immense amount of details and work it got me, I am as happy with this drawing as I was with my FMAB masterpiece from December 2010, and this is now my personal masterpiece.

Reference: My nearly 10-year old poster of [link]
Time taken: 1 month
Size: 21cmx59,4cm (two vertical A4 sheets together)
Materials: 1 regular BIC black ballpoint pen
Music list: Final Fantasy X OST, namely the nearly 15 versions of Hymn of the Fayth, Higher Than Hope by Nightwish

Final Fantasy X belongs to Square Soft / Square Enix
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