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Bloody Family - OC pen by HoshisamaValmor Bloody Family - OC pen by HoshisamaValmor

:bulletred:These characters belong to me HoshisamaValmor Please don't use this drawing or any of them without my permission first.:bulletred:

work in progress…

Finally. seriously, finally.

After having drawn both the sisters before, I wanted to meet the rest of the siblings 'properly'. From left to right, Big Bloody Sister, Big Bastard Brother, Peace Bringer, Little Brother and Ex-Queen, my ruined characters in their bloody glory and/or death.

BBSister has a lot more blood on her face than supposed to originally because of a perspective error of mine. So no, even though it looks like it, that's not her blood at all. Imagine how it got there. She's one of my favorite in here.

On the opposite side, that is all BBBrother's blood. He's my favorite from the five brothers but not in here because I couldn't get him right at all, unfortunately.

Peace Bringer is a pain and bother to his brothers and was so to me. Period.

Little Brother was a pleasant surprise, and he's my other favorite one in here.

Ex-Queen's face wound is on her right cheek; in her original sketch it was done on the left side of her face simply for convinence. She's probably the most cartoonish because I don't know how to make expressions properly and I couldn't decide where I wanted the light source at.

1 black and 1 red ballpoint pen, ridiculous amount of months to finish and only thanks to some System of a Down songs, sketching done with mechanical pencil+pencil eraser. All pose references are my own.

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Dverner Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
These are FANTASTIC!  
HoshisamaValmor Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
thank you very much.
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