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"See me ruined by my own creations"

~Tuomas Holopainen, Nightwish

Personal quote: "For good or bad, everything is a matter of perspective"

If someone asks me how I can draw with ballpoint pen, I ask you,
how the hell can people draw with pencils?

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:bulletgreen:11. Let’s say you were a character in the anime/manga - how do you see yourself?
I assume this question means, which character I'd be more like? Shuukaku92 already helped me with the most correct interpretation, but anyway, I'll interpret it as which character I'm more like. Out of everyone, Joe.
It's not so hard really. He just has the most quiet personality and let's say 'passive' approach on life, playing on the safe side on pretty much all situations, expect of course when he's going for / against the ones he wants - but that's being on the 'safe side' too because he's fully aware of his abilities, it's not perceived as dangerous. As such, he quite willingly accepts to do those things if they are to meet his goal. When stuff get's really out of control, turn back to safe side as much as possible.

:bulletgreen:12. Favorite color of the rainbow?

:bulletgreen:13. The anime or manga version?
I start with anime and then go to manga because I know it's always better. And it is. So, manga. We fucking have biographic notes scattered around and a metal playlist of music to go for each chapter. I mean come on that's fantastic.

:bulletgreen:14. Favorite line/phrase?
There certainly are better lines, but I can't get one out of my head, and it is the manga pannel on chapter 50

:bulletgreen:15. Do you have any hopes for this amazing series’ fandom?
Don't really know what to say here. There will not be a huge number of fans, but that meansit's awesome to actually find ones who are.


:bulletyellow:6. Favorite moment?
The showdown between Ishihara and Sakuragi was pretty breath taking. I also really loved Mario and Setsuko moment in the rain, it made me smile.
Both moments happened under rain. Hm. Pattern.

:bulletyellow:7. Who do you think Setsuko should have been with in the end?
I was going to say Sakuragi at first, but seeing Mario later on, the answer becomes less immediate. Still, Sakuragi. Mario deserves to be happy, but damn it, Sakuragi deserves a fucking slice of heaven and happiness.

:bulletyellow:8. Character you would spend a day with?
Honestly, I can't think of anyone else but Sakuragi. I'd like to feel his magnetism and feel like a better person / being able to do more about life.

:bulletyellow:9. Favorite female character (if your favorite character wasn’t a girl from the start)?
There aren't many female characters... I liked Lily, the one from the boxing tournaments, she was tough and determined. And though generally not my favorite, I admired Setsuko's decision to leave the photo behind. Pretty tough.

:bulletyellow:10. Character you would like to know more about?
I don't know, Heitai (Soldier) seems to have a cool backstory unexplored in the anime that I haven't read yet in the manga.


So this story is excellent and I need to talk about it. It's not known enough despite its quality, but I blame that on the fact it's a very adult and intense story and not enough people pay attention to those. A little info if interested…

I won't post a new entry each day, don't worry, but I'll update it every 5 days so if people want to keep up if they want, without flooding your inbox.

This is a tumblr challenge made by unbalanced-libra… but I can't fill it on tumblr so I do it here. I'd illustrate this but can't.

There will NOT be spoilers so you can read and maybe get curious about this anime/manga, and I'll alter the 4th question because of that

:bulletred:1. Favorite character and why?
I have two fav characters and I have to talk about both of them.

My favorite is Sakuragi Rokurouta a.k.a Anchan (Bro). He easily became my favorite character pretty much since the first moment. I guess he really does have a magnetism to him. There's something about his resolve to live and the fact that he's just not afraid, I guess.

Second is Yokosuka Jou a.k.a Joe. Obviously, his looks are what first strike, he's so different from everyone else and a lot more 'anime cute'. And generally just beautiful. I like how he evolves and though he's a great and caring person, he does know how to use his looks to his favor and manipulate people if he needs to. It's cool to see a 'pretty' character put himself on the line like that, and I just loved how the two times he blinks (so far), we know shit's gonna be awesomely bad for the perv.

:bulletred:2. Least favorite character and why?
I would reply Ishihara right away, but seriously.... I can't pick between him and Dr. Sasaki. People like Ishihara who abuse their power and enjoy seeing other people damaged just get under my skin. But people like Sasaki disgust me on a different level and just as bad - more, actually.

:bulletred:3. Character with saddest life story?
It's a tie between Joe and Suppon a.k.a Turtle. Both were pretty damn striking to me. Joe because of the extreme abuse he suffered and for being separeted from his sister, Suppon for losing his entire family and being left alone.

:bulletred:4. What was your exact reaction when (it happened)?
Since I saw and read this just yesterday, the exact reaction is extremely vivid on my mind. It was strong enough for me to write an entry about it
First, I saw the episode. It was *le gasp!!* oOo!!
then I read the manga chapter and continued without seeing the episode. It was trying to find my chin somewhere on my lap and cover my mouth in disbelief.
I didn't cry, but I almost did.

:bulletred:5. Saddest moment?
So far, a tie between the one mentioned above and the promised day 6th June 1957. Oh, and the photo. The damn photo.

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